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Credit Advice

Credit Advice Christchurch

Credit - Credit management solutions for business.

Credit Advice Ltd specialise in applying our proven credit management systems to your company, restoring calm and control to credit catastrophes BEFORE they ever get to that expensive stage of debt collection.

We specialises in all aspects of Risk Management, Credit AdviceCredit Management, Ledger Management, Cashflow Management and Credit Control . Clients include Architects, Barristers and Solicitors, Accountants, Builders Supply Merchants, Large Joinery Firms, Publishing Firms, Glass Suppliers, Surveyors, and many others.

Results include increased cash flow, improved risk management, reduction in bad debts and age of overdue debtors leading to increased profits.

How we operate: Client retention is an important aspect of our approach, it is important that your clients are not lost. We bring industry best practices into your organisation to improve cash flow and reduce bad debts.

  • Our approach is totally unique, we operate like no one else in the business.
  • Check out why you should use us – you’ll start to feel all that stress and strain melting away just at the thought of it.

  • If your turnover is over $500K per month, we can make your debtor hassles history!

Chamber AdvertThis website is set up to provide Credit Advice for Business.

We are not a Debt Collection Agency, we specialise in
Risk Management,
Credit Management,
Ledger Management,
Credit Control,
Cash Flow Management,
Risk Management and Credit Advice for business.

We work at the “top of the cliff” (Credit Management) not the “bottom of the cliff” (Debt Collection) and work with your company and your clients to ensure that outstanding accounts are paid within what you require as acceptable credit terms for your business or your industry.

Please refer to our Self Help tab for Free Advice on what you can do as a business to reduce your outstanding accounts (Debtors).

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Our unique approach gets results!

Credit Advice

Debt Collection

Sorry, we are not a Debt Collection Agency, we specialise in Credit Management, Ledger Management, Credit Control, Cash Flow ManagementRisk Management and Credit Advice for business.